Biography :

As far as I can remember, I have enjoyed at home a mix of influences, from wu kong, to Mister Jack’s Christmas or the serials broadcasted by cartoon network. All that life that animated all those characters, I have been trying as a child to instill it into my drawings. I used to transform them into papier-mache puppets. Sometimes I would even try to dress them with some clothes made of any material available

But It was only when I was 18 that I got the final click : I had found a summer job in a factory and everyday I was supposed to repeat endlessly the same mechanical movement. This repetitive gesture has somewhat totally freed my mind and little by little pictures have been chaining. After a week, I had in mind an embryo of movie. As soon as I have been back to school, I have asked some of my friends to perform behind a camera in order to help me to finetune my drawings. For a first trial, the results were a bit awkward but the characters were already vibrating under the aquarels or the ink oils. It became obvious that I was fond of movement creation and I decided that it had to become part of my life.

Now after five year studying animation at La Cambre school I love experimental techniques and testing very simple graphism. It is a curiosity for Chinese calligraphy that has brought me to an esthetic or gesture, the movement takes precedence over the final image. Going to essentials is therefore my primary objective in most of my achievements.

Filmography :

2014 : Botanic Love (La Botanique des amours) with Anne-Sophie Cayon
2015: Salted Delicacy (Petit salé)
2016 : 69 SEC
2017 : Cry ! (Pleure!)

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